• Jeffrey Lyman Jr.

4 types of deliveries

For most drivers, the typical delivery is picking up a few parts at the store and dropping them off to the store's customer. Pretty simple. You may have not encountered them yet but, there are a few other ways you can deliver for our connected auto part stores. While we try and make it clear the scope of the job on the request screen in the app, it's still good to know ahead of time what you might encounter! Here are the 4 types of deliveries:

1. Deliver to customer

This is the most common job that you will encounter. Pick up the parts at the store and deliver them to their customer. Very simple.

2. Pick up from store/customer

This another common use. This can sometimes be indistinguishable from typical deliveries because there is a single pick-up and drop-off. And that's okay! What you could find yourself doing when accepting this type of delivery is picking up parts to bring to the store that you usually deliver for. We are connected to large networks of stores and sometimes they have parts that need to be picked up at another location of theirs.

(Quick tip: after dropping off parts at a store, hang around for a few minutes to receive another request because those parts will likely head right back out with a larger order!)

3. Deliver and return

Currently this type of delivery isn't too common but we see that changing in the near future. When you accept a deliver and return, what you are doing is.. well.. exactly as it says! You pick up parts at the store, deliver them to their customer and bring some parts back to the store! Returns are very common so again, we see this type of request being used more often very soon.

(Note: the return shows up as a delivery back to the store once the customer's parts are marked as delivered! We will change this to say "return" for more clarity.)

4. Deliver to multiple customers

Lastly, you could be delivering to multiple customers! This is common and a great tool all around for both the stores and the driver. It's clearly shown on the request screen how many and what customers you will be dropping off at.

(Note: when accepted, the deliveries show up separated so you can click on them and get the unique details of each delivery.)

We hope this helps any drivers that want to get started and prepare themselves as well as current drivers just curious on what's out there. As always please reach out to Support@Tonquin.com with any questions, comments and concerns!


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