• Jeffrey Lyman Jr.

Decrease Your Delivery Time by 88%

Updated: May 20, 2019

For most auto part stores, fast delivery is essential to commercial customers. Mechanical shops have to turn over jobs quickly, which means they need their parts quickly to do so. Although, speed is not the only part of the equation. Consistency also plays a big role in servicing customers.

Auto part stores usually determine the commercial accounts they service by distance, so quick delivery is always guaranteed. The one problem, that's not always the case. It's often that the parts the customer wants are not in stock at the store that services them - but they are in stock at a store across town. Usually when this occurs, the parts get transported on a routine shuttle service that is meant for these situations. Most large suppliers do this because it would tie up resources for the store that does not service that account to deliver and for others reason like pricing, document capture, and more. This shuttle has a lot of ground to cover, which means a minimum number of stops per day. Typically (depending how many stores the shuttle has to stop at) it would run 2-3 times a day. This causes significant delays in delivery times.

The solution? Drop shipping. Drop shipping is a common delivery method used by large logistics companies that strategically place their warehouses to guarantee delivery times by bypassing the store that initiated the sale. This is a challenge for most large suppliers for those reasons stated above and having processes and infrastructure not built for it. Without tying up anyone's resources, Tonquin can get the part to the customer from the store that has it in stock in significantly less time using the drop shipment method. Using the Tonquin platform, find a driver close by to where the part needs to be picked up and only pay for its delivery. Most importantly, you'll have a happy customer that now has the opportunity to turn over a job faster, and that could mean another sale for you!

Tonquin makes this process simple by allowing stores to control deliveries from multiple store fronts. Create the shipment as normal but before clicking place shipment, you'll find an arrow

next to your store name that drops down a list of your pre-loaded store fronts. Simply select which store has the part and it will update your cost and pick-up address in seconds. Click place shipment and you will just have eliminated possible hours of wait time for your customer all for a few extra dollars (compared to store 1 to customer).

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