• Jeffrey Lyman Jr.

Drivers Drive Tonquin

My goal of this post is to set the stage early of how I want Tonquin's culture to look like in the future and how I plan on creating that vision with action.

It is clear that drivers are very important to any on-demand company because without them, those companies would not exist. When starting Tonquin, I did a lot of research on the leaders of the on-demand economy as well as many of the popular smaller companies. With all this research it was clear to see the major issues in the market and what companies were doing better to combat these issues.

Let me start by saying I like to be transparent with most things. I believe the more people are aware of, the better they can understand all angles of a situation. Being able to start Tonquin at a point in time where there is plenty of data to learn from gives us a good start to managing this side of our company. The challenge with Tonquin (as it is with pretty much every business) is solving a problem while keeping all stakeholders happy. Stakeholders are everyone that has an interaction with a company. So in our case that is the stores that use our service, the drivers on our platform, and Tonquin itself!

Without boring anyone with the process' and details, I want drivers to understand that I am aware of the issues with on-demand platforms and how companies are reacting to them. We are already thinking and acting on ways we can solve them, at the same time taking into consideration Tonquin's unique circumstances of everyone involved. Some might say, it's impossible to make everyone happy, I say that is not true. I take a lot of note in the ideology of great companies like Chick Fil A, Wegmans, Lyft, and many others with great company cultures that at the same time achieved great success.

I know there are issues with earnings, support, app capabilities and some others that drivers have noted in studies found on TheRideshareGuy.com. As we push forward, my mission is to mitigate these issues as best as possible and provide a great platform to drive with. To keep this post short, in the future we will go into more detail on each of these topics to fully describe the action we are taking but until then, we are just getting things started and maybe we won't have to talk much about them!

Going back to the idea that we need drivers, we also need to keep auto parts stores happy because they pay for the service and this was built to help them in the first place! This is a balance where its no ones responsibility but Tonquin's to figure out and we will do that by not cutting corners, listening to feedback, analyzing the data, and being creative. Why I like to be transparent is because, our drivers can do their part by understanding the complexity of this and working with us as they know our end goals. Driver's that drive for Tonquin will never be treated as if they are below any of its other stakeholders.

I hope by understanding and believing in this, it will give drivers that were hesitant an easier decision when deciding to help us get Tonquin started! If you want to drive on our platform, simply sign up at Drive.Tonquin.com and put in your name and email, it's completely free :)

P.S. I plan on writing other blog posts that offer help outside of Tonquin with the feedback from Tonquin drivers and other on-demand driver blogs.


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