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Get the best results when driving!

As a driver, you are looking to be as efficient as possible. We have some tips to do that! Since we are still a work in progress, read below for the best practices to make a habit of and some quirks that might make your daily driving better and more profitable.

1. Keep your app open or open it at least every 10 minutes.

This is probably the most important habit to have because it directly effects how you receive alerts. Doing this will allow the app to always know your location and be able to send you the best alerts. This will be temporary and you won't have to do this forever :)

2. Be aware of the busiest times of day.

Currently the busiest times of day are 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Unlike other apps you are likely use to working with, this will always be true for Tonquin and we will get a lot better at predicting it. Why? Because Tonquin is connected businesses which are much easier to predict and consistent than a person buy food or groceries!

3. Work within hot spots.

We try to make drivers aware and keep up to date of where these are. Currently it is stated in this picture! If you navigate to these areas (during busy hours), you WILL see an alert. And this is just the start! Remember, unlike other apps, the quality of your work will directly effect how fast and how many more locations start to use the platform. And that means more opportunities to earn!

Red = current hot spot

Blue = coming soon

4. Pick-up parts as soon as possible.

Time is the most important part of the process for users. This is good to keep in mind when accepting deliveries. Since you are being connected to businesses, it is good to be aware of what is important to them. After accepting an alert, you will see a time stated. The sooner your pick-up before that time the better! We will do more in the future to ensure fast and efficient pick-ups.

There are plenty of ways to get the most out of working with Tonquin and we hope this helps. If you ever have a question while on the job or any questions at all, email support@tonquin.com or join the exclusive Facebook group for drivers.


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