• Jeffrey Lyman Jr.

Tonquin's First Blog Post!

We recently decided to start sharing our journey with everyone and put out information that is useful, interesting, insightful, and what our audiences want to see.

A Good Place to Start

Who is our audience? Being an on-demand company in a specific niche, that being the automotive industry, we have a few different audiences. The first being our drivers of course, the second is what we call our users, and the third being our user's customers.

Our drivers, whom 90% work for other on-demand services, are the backbone of our business. We strive to be a great platform for drivers and want to put out useful information in these blogs to help make the gig life easier. Some topics you can look forward to seeing are; current events in the sharing economy/on-demand industry, useful tips and tricks (some specific to Tonquin), helpful tools and guides, information on how to be a good entrepreneur (because that's what our drivers are!), and much more. I will link sources and guide you to places that I think are helpful.

Automotive Retailers, Suppliers, Dealerships and their CustomersOur other audiences are those stated above which we call our users (which is term used for internal purposes because I believe it doesn't give credit to the relationships we have with them). I'll share a lot more on this topic in the future, but if you want know more now, head over to our Facebook page and read the "About Tonquin" section! Our users are the business' in which our drivers mainly pick-up at and are set up on our web based logistics dashboard. Our user's customers are those which the drivers typically drop-off at (body/mechanical shops). We have a lot of topics we can cover such as; delivery costs, delivery in the auto parts industry, KPI's, logistics, the aftermarket parts market, technology in the auto industry, dealing with drivers and a lot more. Tonquin was built to help these industries and we hope to continue that through these blog posts!

In the Future

If these start to do well and are enjoyed, I'll make sure to state the topic and target audience right away so that no time is wasted because I know everyone is busy hustling! Also, please feel free to message us on Facebook with topics that you want to talk about and join in on the journey!

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