• Jeffrey Lyman Jr.

On-demand is in demand

Target just announced that it is going one step further to provide same day delivery to its shoppers. This same day delivery will be powered by Shipt, an on-demand delivery platform. Target acquired Shipt in 2017 but the platform operates as its own entity and is partnered with countless retailers to deliver groceries and other goods, same day.

Auto parts have been being delivered same day for decades so this is not something new to people in the auto part industry. This is an overlooked and unique aspect of the industry but it comes with a cost. Before technology could efficiently automate complex logistics operations and before the sharing economy was founded by companies like Uber and Grubhub, this was out of the question for industries that didn't absolutely need it. Now that there are cost efficient ways, thanks to the sharing economy, giant retailers are jumping on the on-demand train and skipping going in-house completely.

This only works when platforms can connect a large number of users and all utilize one resource. This is our mission. Auto parts have been being moved around everyday in virtually the same way so ask yourself, why don't they all use one resource and save?


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