• Jeffrey Lyman Jr.

Tonquin 2019

As 2018 comes to a close, we wanted to share with everyone what to expect this coming year. We have come a long way since conception in 2017 and we are ready to make some big moves this coming year. Most of 2018 was spent molding and creating the steps necessary to reach our 2019 goals. For everyone reading this that has been a part of it and helped us get to this point, we greatly appreciate all of you. Whether it was drivers reporting bugs, our friends at a local auto parts store letting us BETA test, all of our partners allowing us to come in and make a change, or drivers being there when we needed them, it all is very much appreciated.

In 2019, our main goal is growth. Now that we have a platform that is tested, with still more testing to be done, we plan to focus on getting everyone on board. While it is our mission to connect all auto parts that need to get from point A to point B with local drivers, these are our steps to get there. We want to be in at least 3 cities. Our targets are Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo as well as some smaller towns and cities like Oswego, Utica, and Cortland that we have seen growing interest in.

We plan to work with at least two international auto parts retailers in 2019. We are already making progress towards this goal and are excited to see it unfold and be able to share it. Along with this, we want to be partnered with 15 local dealerships across New York State as well as 30 paint suppliers, small retailers, or supplies distributors. This would bring us to around 300 deliveries per week so we are also looking to on-board a lot more drivers as well.

Starting 2019, we are optimistic we can achieve these goals as everyone has been very appreciative and happy with out platform. The same goes for drivers. All that we need to do is spread the word and continue providing our service to the local automotive communities and give drivers the best platform possible to work on.

Happy New Year!!


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