• Jeffrey Lyman Jr.

What Sparked our Mission

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

After just graduating college, I was already working on a company involving auto parts. In May of 2016, the previous company which was a local eCommerce site for repair facilities to sell their used auto parts, rapidly turned into what is now, Tonquin.

There was a lot that went into the transformation of what Tonquin was a year ago to what it is now. After spending some time observing the daily operations of an automotive repair shop and how much the delivery of parts effected it, I knew there was an opportunity there. I noticed immediately that a lot of wait time involved in the repair process of a car is simply waiting for parts. While some of this is due to widely dispersed large OEM manufacture distribution chains, a lot of it, we found after doing research is simply unsophisticated and outdated delivery practices.

After over a year of research in large and small retailers, suppliers, dealerships and with experienced professionals, we found a lot of issues beneath the surface. We started seeing the growth of online alternatives rise, so it was clear that things were changing in this industry, and not necessarily for the better. Our other co-founder Jeff Sr., who has owned a local repair facility for over 40 years, knows the importance and benefits of ordering from the local source as well as fueling local economies. Combining that experience and my vision for the future and shared devotion to local relationships and business, Tonquin was created.

Not to mention the quick realization of a community of gig workers that were wanting of a service to fill that Monday-Friday 8-5 down time. This will be a topic for another post!

All of that research and the unique circumstances between the founders of Tonquin sparked the mission to give local automotive markets the technology and tools they need to compete in a rapidly changing environment. By improving efficiency, flexibility, lowering overhead costs, and allocating those savings to the operations of the auto parts stores themselves, we believe this will be a great asset to all local automotive markets.


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